What to Expect - Sellers
Sellers - What to Expect When Selling Your Home

You should select a professional real estate agent to represent your needs. Once you establish a working relationship with your agent, your home is put on the market and marketed to potential buyers. Once a buyer makes an offer on your home you have three options: accept the offer, counter the offer, or reject the offer. After you accept an offer you can expect to do the following:

  • Escrow is opened and buyer deposits "earnest money" into escrow.


  • Seller submits documents and information to escrow holder, such as:
    - addresses of lien holders
    - tax receipts
    - equipment warranties
    - home warranty contracts (if any)
    - any leases and/or rental agreements.


  • Seller approves and signs the escrow instructions, grant deed and other related documents required to complete the transaction.


  • Seller orders inspections, receives clearances and approves final reports and/or repairs to the property as required by the terms of the purchase and sale agreement (responsibility for inspection procedures may vary).


  • Buyer and Seller fulfill any remaining conditions specified in the contract and/or escrow instructions; approves the pay off demands and/or beneficiary's statements.


  • Buyer and Seller approve any final changes by signing amendments to the escrow instructions or contract.
Note: The above is general information only. Your situation may differ. Please consult your real estate professional for details about your specific situation.